Why are the religious leaders so intent on having Jesus killed?

Why do the religious leaders bring Jesus to Pilate?

What specific allegations do the religious leaders bring against Jesus?  Why do you think that they chose these in particular?  Are they true or false?

What accusation does Pilate question Jesus about?  How does Jesus respond?  (See also John 18:28-37.)

Why do you think that Pilate is not alarmed or concerned when Jesus affirms that he is a king?

Why do you think that Pilate sends Jesus to Herod?

What sins are the religious leaders guilty of?  What sins are Pontius Pilate guilty of?  What heart postures lie beneath those sins?

How does this passage illustrate the dangers of sin and idolatry?

What is a besetting sin that you would like to see victory over in your life?  What kinds of underlying beliefs and heart postures are beneath that behavior?  How can you be working to see victory over it?