Describe the heart posture of the first criminal (23:39).  How does he serve as a warning for us?

What are some ways in which you have demonstrated a similar heart posture to this criminal?  What are some practical ways that you can repent in these areas?

The second criminal locates the foundation of the first criminal’s words and behaviors - he does not fear God (23:40).  What does it mean to fear God?  How can we cultivate a healthy fear of God in our lives?

Describe the heart posture of the second criminal (23:40-42).  How does he serve as an example for us?

Why is it important for Christians to recognize that the judgment of God (and any discipline from God that they may be experiencing in their lives) is just and right?

Why is the second criminal’s request (23:42) so bold, and so audacious?

How does Jesus respond to the second criminal’s request?  How does his response serve to give assurance and comfort to us, as Christians today?