In 1 Corinthians 15:3-5, Paul specifically says that the burial of Jesus is of first importance (in addition to his death and resurrection).  Why is it important that Jesus was buried?

How does Jesus’s burial fulfill prophecies and themes from the Old Testament?

Describe Joseph of Arimathea (see also Matthew 27:57-61, Mark 15:42-47, John 19:38-42).  What was he like?  What kind of man was he?  What were his strengths and weaknesses?

Where did Jesus’s soul go when he died?  (Use scripture to support your answer.)

Where does our soul go when we die?  (Use scripture to support your answer.)

How does the fact that Jesus died a real death position him to help us and save us as we approach our own death(s)?

Read Romans 6:1-11.  How does Jesus burial (and resurrection) relate to our Christian lives?  How are they intended to fuel our sanctification, and spiritual growth as believers?

How does Jesus’s life, death, and burial reflect God’s work of creation in Genesis 1-2?