The gospel reconciles us (v. 15-16)

  • Do we want God to reconcile our broken relationships?  Do we want reconciliation with our enemies?
  • Do we just want to win the fight / be in control?
  • Is our priority to glorify God?  Are we seeking to glorify God by strengthening his church through forgiveness and reconciliation?


The gospel allows us to forgive one another (v. 17-20)

  • Do we recognize the vast debt we owed which Christ has paid for us?
  • In light of how much we have been forgiven, do we love and forgive others much?
  • Are we willing to incur personal loss to grow Christ’s church?  Do we value the building up of the church and seeing others sanctified more than our own comfort / possessions / status?


The gospel brings us together as fellow workers (v. 21-25)

  • Do we believe that God can bring us together with those with whom we disagree within his church?
  • Do we believe that and want earthly disputes to be overcome by the gospel and result in rich Christian fellowship?
  • Do we recognize the Christian life as something we work together at for accountability / forgiveness / building of Christ's church?