How would you articulate the main theme of the book of Philippians?  What words and ideas stood out to you?

What two options are in front of Paul, that he is hard-pressed between (1:19-26)?  How does the gospel inform either of these options?  How does Paul intend to leverage them (respectively) for the sake of Christ?

How does the person and work of Jesus serve as an example of humility for us?  (2:1-11)  What would it look like for us to follow Jesus’s example in this area?  What are some ways where you could personally be repenting of pride and cultivating humility in your life and relationships?

Paul teaches that Christians have a responsibility to repent, and believe, and walk with God (2:12), and that God is sovereign over their discipleship and good works (2:13).  How do these respective ideas (God’s sovereignty, our responsibility) comport with one another?  How are we to understand God’s sovereign grace, and our diligent effort, as they relate to our salvation and sanctification?

How does Paul understand his own spiritual resume?  (3:1-11)  Have you ever been tempted to look to yourself, and trust in your own accomplishments, instead of looking to Christ, and trusting in Him?  If so, why?  How can we be fighting against this temptation?

Paul says that he personally presses on toward Christ Jesus (3:14), and that he urges the Philippians to follow his example and press on with him (3:17).  Is there anyone in your life whose walk with God serves as an example to you?  Is there anyone in your life who you are striving to set an example for?  If so, how can you better invest in those relationships?  If not, what can you be doing to find people that you can teach, and people that you can learn from?

What is the secret of contentment that Paul has discovered?  (4:10-13)  How can we be pursuing contentment in our hearts and lives?