What promises does God give in this psalm to those who fear him?

What are some characteristics of the man who fears the Lord?  Which of these are true of you?  Which of these do you need to grow in?

What does it meant to “delight in the Lord’s commandments”?  (112:1)  Is your life marked by delighting in the Lord’s commandments?  Or merely obeying them out of obligation (or even disobeying them)?

What does it mean for light to “dawn in the darkness”?  (112:4)  What are some ways that you have seen this happen in your life?

The psalmist seems to believe that godly people will be blessed by God (112:2-3), AND that they will experience suffering, hardship, and persecution (112:4, 7, 8).  How are we to reconcile these two realities?  What insight do they give us into the Christian life, and what we should expect out of it?

What do you think your legacy will be after you’ve died?  (112:6)  What would you like your legacy to be?  What can you be doing now to ensure that you will leave the legacy that you’d like to leave?

Why is it that those who fear God don’t need to fear bad news?  (112:7)  Is this true of us?  Do you find yourself anxious, or in fear of bad news?  Why or why not?

What response should we expect from the world if we fear the Lord?  (112:10)  Do we see this in our own lives?  Why or why not?