What questions does David ask to God?  (13:1-2)

What requests does David make to God?  (13:3-4)  What does David say will happen if God does not respond to those requests?

What does David say that he has done, and commit to doing in the future?  (13:5-6)

Psalms like this give us real and honest insight into the heart of their authors.  And they are not always flattering (they often indicate doubt, fear, despair, etc.).  Why do you think that psalms like these are included in the Bible?  Are they intended to help us, as Christians today?  If so, how?

Have you ever felt as if God had forgotten you?  Or as if he was hiding from you?  Why or why not?

What are the kinds of things that you pray for when you are experiencing suffering and despair?  Do you prayers look like David’s in Psalm 13?  How are they similar or different?

The tone of David’s prayer takes a remarkable turn in 13:5.  13:5-6 feel dramatically different than 13:1-4.  Why do you think that is?  How does David summon the fortitude for pray like he does in 13:5-6 (even though his circumstances look and feel like 13:1-4)?

How can we cultivate a heart posture like David’s in 13:5-6 - even when we are suffering and discouraged?