What are some of the ways in which sin deceives us? How does it affect our hearts and minds, and our ability to judge things fairly and clearly?

What are some of the ways in which people tend to flatter themselves in their own eyes? What are some ways in which we tend to downplay the righteousness and justice of God?

How do sins of omission lend themselves to sins of commission? What are some examples from your own life in which failing to do something good you should have been doing tempted or led you to do something bad that you should not have done?

How does God’s character and faithfulness stand in contrast to the sinfulness and faithlessness of people? How does His love, wisdom, judgment, and grace compare to ours?

David writes in verse 9, ‘With you is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.’ What does this mean?

How does David’s prayer in verses 10 and 11 act as a model for our prayers?