What commands does the psalmist give to us?

What reasons does the psalmist give as to why we should obey those commands?

Define the word “worship”.  What does it mean to worship God?

What can we, as Christians, be doing to become better worshippers of God?  What are some habits that we can cultivate?

What are some things that compete with God for your time, attention, excitement, resources?  Would you describe yourself as having a healthy relationship with those things?  How could you grow in this area (and have a healthier relationship with them)?

How can we guard against misplaced worship (the worship of something other than God in our hearts and lives)?

Compare and contrast the “vertical” (Christian and God) component of the Christian life with the “horizontal” (Christian and other people) component of the Christian life?  What are some characteristics that mark a healthy outworking of each?

How does the coming judgment of God (at the Day of the Lord, at the end of human history) motivate us to worship God and proclaim his glory in our lives today?

Why is remembrance (remembering the character of God, remembering how God has worked in our lives in the past, etc.) such an important aspect of proper biblical worship?