What question is Paul attempting to answer in this passage?  How would you summarize his answer to that question?

Why do you think that Paul describes our former way of life as slavery?  (6:16, 17, 19)  Do you think that the image of slavery is an accurate description of life apart from Christ?  Why or why not?

Paul says that lawlessness leads to more lawlessness, and that righteousness leads to more righteousness and sanctification.  (1:19)  What do you think this means?  What are the implications of this reality in our lives, as we try to fight against sin and grow in holiness?

Paul acknowledges that there was an element of freedom in our former way of life (6:20), but that it was ultimately shameful and self-destructive (6:21).  What do you think that he means by this?  Do you agree with him?  Why or why not?

Why does Paul seem to think that no Christian, when thinking rightly, will ever want to revert back to their former way of life?

What are some of the ways that the world promises us freedom, and life, and joy?  According to this passage, what are we to make of those promises?  How are we to respond to them?

According to this passage, how are Christians to pursue real freedom, and life, and joy?