What is the main theme of this passage?  What is Paul trying to communicate about the law (and the Christian’s relationship to the law) through the illustration of the marriage covenant?

Paul says that we have “died to the law through the body of Christ”.  (7:4)  What do you think this means?  According to Paul, why is this necessary, and what does it accomplish in our lives?

Paul says that not only does the law fail to suppress sin in our lives (like his hypothetical objector is claiming), but that it actually arouses sin.  (7:5)  What does this mean?  How does the law of God arouse sin in our lives?  Have you experienced this personally (or seen it in others)?

What does it mean to serve “in the old way of the written code”?  What does it mean to serve “in the new way of the Spirit”?  (7:6)  How can we strive, as Christians, to do the latter instead of the former?

At first glance, this passage might appear to present an unflattering view of the law of God.  How are we to understand that?  How are we to reconcile it with the reality that the law of God is holy, and righteous, and good?  (Romans 7:12)